Sunday, February 23, 2014

This Card is Garrus Vakarian Approved

Oh, Boy. I've been a terrible little crafty blogger again, and haven't updated in a long time. I am really going to work on updating the blog as I make my various crafts-sometimes it's hard though when the object is a gift and you don't want to spoil the surprise. But I'll work on doing better, I promise! For now, let's get caught up-there will be a lot of posts one after another. Here we gooooo.....
 Yay! This post will mean that I am caught up! Now, just need to stay that way! *Glares at self*

I made this card for a friend who loves the video game trilogy Mass Effect and who, like my husband who also plays this, one of his favorite Characters is Garrus.

My husband told me a joke in the game that the main character, Commander Shepard, to get discounts in stores, endorses them with "I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite store in the Citadel." At some point Garrus and Shepard have some kind of shooting contest or something (as you can see, I am very versed in the goings-on of my husband's video games, haha) and when Garrus wins, he mockingly says  to Shepard,"I'm Garrus Vakarian, and this is my favorite place in the Citadel." We thought it would be funny if he was endorsing a birthday...

So I kind of took that joke and ran with it to come up with a funny birthday card:

"I'm Garrus Vakarian, and this is my favorite birthday in the Citadel!"

Our friend LOVED it! :)

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