Sunday, March 1, 2015

A fun CARD-is

This year, for our friend Ken's Birthday (who got this card last year), we thought it would be fun to send him a Doctor Who card. We thought about it for a while and hubby said to make the Tardis, but I didn't have ideas on how to do that.

Then one day, it hit me: Literally, MAKE THE TARDIS, so I made it as a gatefold card so you can open it, and it will be "Bigger on the inside".

I even found a Doctor Who font that was the same as the font used for the logo in the beginning of the show, for the inside sentiment. How's that for attention to detail?

Unfortunately, we learned Ken never received the card, so he only gets to see it this way, too, which just breaks my heart, but hopefully it can at least be admired. :)

I even hand made the envelope, and wrote in the flap "Yep, even envelope is handmade--Red, Just for you."

Here's the card and envelope-as always, click for larger images: