Sunday, July 20, 2014

J'taime Paris

Last weekend, I made a third "One Hour" Skirt. (The second being the Anchors one.)

I had decided that I don't fully like how "froofy" the skirts are when made according to Brett's directions in the book of "Take the measurement of your waist/where skirt will sit and make 2 rectangles of that" (I paraphrased), so instead when I measured my hips, I subtracted several inches (I think I subtracted 10-12 inches, total) and then made both rectangles with THAT measurement.

So, for example, if my hips are 40", I said they were 30" and made the width for the rectangles each 30", instead of 40". This had GREAT results, and I really like how it fits me. Which is good news for me because it means that I have developed at least enough skills to determine if/how something can be more suitable for what I need/want. Hooray!

And, I believe this skirt took me 1.5-2 hours, including sizing, cutting and sewing, with a few mistakes that had to be undone, so I am getting closer and closer to the One Hour mark that the author believes it should take. And I'll be making more of them, most likely, so maybe I'll hit that mark soon.

Here's what the latest looks like:

I love all the bright colors!

Zebra Hair Bow

A few weeks ago, I made this hair bow for days when I go to cheer on my favorite Roller Derby team. I like this one, but I decided it is too big to wear in the style I usually do, which is with piggy  tails. But I still have some of that ribbon left over and decided I would make 2 smaller bows for pigtails and keep this one for a one-side accent. It is super cute and was very, very easy to make. :)

Drawstring Ditty Bag

A few weeks ago I made a very simple drawstring bag, the perfect size for small gifts or carrying snacks or something.  I think, total, this took me about 15 minutes. So it's nice to know I can whip something together quickly if I needed to. :)

Anchors Away!

A couple weeks ago, I made another of the "One Hour Skirts" from Brett Bara's book.

I had seen this particular fabric at Joann for a while, and I knew I had to have it for something, but kept always not getting it. Well, one day I had a 50% off coupon and I knew exactly what I was getting, at long last.

I brought it home, washed it, and made my skirt as soon as possible. I made it the week of July 4, and how perfect it is for a patriotic look. :)

And just how perfect is it that my vintage sign about joining the Navy is behind me in this picture? :)

First Happy Customer

This isn't so much a craft I made, but it was adorable and I wanted to share it. 

I have my first happy customer! My friend Suzanne came over at the end of June to visit, and wanted to buy one of the bags I had made that I plan on selling. So after she picked out which one she wanted, I grabbed a picture of her with her new bag. 

Isn't she just adorable? :)

Ground Control to Major Shaun

I recently made a second pair of Pajamas for the hubby, this time in a space themed fabric he picked out. (The first pair, which was my first-ever sewing project, can be found here.)

On one of my (just about weekly) trips to Joann Fabrics to wander around, Shaun was with me and saw this space themed fabric and loved it. I asked if he wanted more PJs from it, and he over-eagerly said he did. After seeing that Pluto was included,  (Sorry, Mr. Degrasse Tyson, Pluto IS a planet. ;)) I willingly agreed and we got the fabric.

It was about a week  before I got started on them, but had them finished within just a couple days. Much faster than the first time they were made, but that's the advantage of continually practicing and making more projects: Things start to make sense. :)

Here are his spacey pjs:

Straight Against Hate Shirt

I've been bad and not being consistent at updating to keep track of everything I've made, even though I've been actively crafting. So, there's going to be a few posts in a row again. Oh well...

Starting With...

My Pride T-shirt. Portland's Gay Pride Weekend was June 14/15, and I went with my friend on 6/14. I had always planned on making/buying a shirt, but he didn't believe me when I told him I was wearing a Tutu-which made me laugh when he showed up and was like "Oh, you really are wearing a tutu!"

Anyway, I made this design in my photo editing software, and uploaded it to Zazzle (you can buy my design here if you'd like :) and there's also buttons and stickers if you want), but I didn't want to risk it not getting to me in time, so when I discovered I could make my own iron-on transfers, that's exactly what I did.

I used a transfer sheet and added my design to a plain white shirt I had bought, and then did Sharpie Tie-Dye on it. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that you're supposed to use rubbing alcohol to get it to fade/run, and only used water, so it didn't run as much as I would have preferred, but I still like how it turned out overall.

I didn't get pictures of the back on accident, but it's basically full of doodled hearts  for the most part, Here's what it looks like:

Yes, that is the first tutu I made.