Monday, November 24, 2014

Fall Centerpieces for Under $15

At the end of September, hubby and I renewed our vows for our 5th wedding anniversary (a bit early). We had a very casual, picnic-style renewal, but I still wanted to make it look nice, and we decided on a theme of "Autumn" and got plates, cups, etc. in fall colors.

I also had an idea to make some centerpieces that fit the theme, but didn't want to spend a lot of money. Luckily, I didn't have to. I made these centerpieces for less than $15 total for all 4 of them.

So how did I do it?

The vases are bottles from our recycling bin: Free
The ribbon was $0.50 each so x2: $1.00
Acrylic paint was on sale at Michaels for 6/$2, so I got 6 since you can always use paints: $2.00
Vase fill rocks were also on sale at Michaels, for about $1.25/bag and I got three of them, so: $3.75.
And the flowers/leaves were at the dollar store, and I got 8 of them to make sure the 4 vases were filled nicely, so $8.
Total for 4 centerpieces: $14.75

I knew I wanted to add some color to the vases themselves, so experimented with things like polka dots, stripes, etc., but didn't like the way it looked because then the colored rocks couldn't be seen very well, but there were ridges on the bottle, so I painted those in a pattern and really liked it. When that was dry, I connected the colored ribbons at the ends and crisscrossed them to create the multiple pattern, and then tied a bow and glued it down with a bit of hot glue. Add the rocks and the leaves, et voila! Easy, pretty center pieces that get a lot of attention. I currently have one vase on my desk work as Thanksgiving decorations and people love it-and usually comment that it looks way more expensive than it was. Hooray. :)