Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kitty Make-up Bag

After making this bag, I wanted to make one for our friend Debbie. As you may have already known from this post, she really likes kitties. It happened by pure luck/circumstance that I just so happened to have found some kitty fat quarters that were related to kitties, and really, these were just too adorable to pass up. So I made the same makeup bag again, following a pattern from a blog I had recently been following: So-Sew-Easy. (The previous bag, of course had been made from a pattern she made, too, but I forgot to link to it.)

 So-Sew-Easy has TONS of great advice and projects to complete, to make people better at sewing. So far, the make up bag is the only of her projects I have done, but I have my eye on some of the other things she's posted that I hope I can get around to soon. Anyway...

So here's the kitty bag I made about a week or two ago, What do you think?

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