Sunday, April 3, 2016

Some BLUE-tiful Shoes! (Glitter shoes tutorial.)

I have been really slacking on sharing projects I have made lately (which maybe I will get caught up again soon), but this one has me so excited I just could NOT wait to show it off.

Guess what I made?

That's right! Glitter shoes! I am in love...

Here are the before:

Some really old, used-to-be cute shoes that are now really scuffed and...well, let's face it...ugly! Which made them the PERFECT specimen to experiment on the first time.

Would you like to make a pair of glitter shoes for yourself? Lucky for you, I took pictures of my process. Here's How:

You will need:
-Shoes of your choice
-Glitter of your choice (superfine seems to work best, but you could probably use other.)
-Glue (I used a Micheals-brand Mod Podge type glue.)
-Embellishments (optional)
-Hot Glue (if you use embellishments)
-Sealer (I use a spray paint Acrylic sealer. I believe it's called Crystal Clear, but any brand will work as long as it's clear.)

(Click on pictures for larger images.)

Step 1 (Not Shown): Give your shoes a good scrub down. I took a wash cloth and hot water and washed all the dirt and gunk off.

Step 2: Remove any existing embellishments if your shoes have them. I used a craft knife to cut off the bow.

Step 3:Put something inside the shoe to protect it from getting sticky or glittery. I used plastic grocery bags, but really, anything lying around would work.  You may want to tape off the bottoms of the shoes or parts you don't want to be glittered, but for this pair, I didn't bother since the soles are so small anyway.

Step 4: Use the paintbrush to coat the shoe in glue. I learned after the first one, it's better to do it in sections so you still have somewhere to hold on the shoe.

Step 5: GLITTER!!! Generously apply glitter all over the glued section, and shake/tap off the excess. (Put the excess back in the container when ready.)

Step 6 (Not Shown): If you choose to use some,  Secure your embellishments into place where you'd like. I used hot glue because I just had a few small things, but you may need to use other adhesive, depending on your embellishments.

Step 7 (Not Shown): Spray your sealer on your shoes according to directions, and wait for them to dry/set. (Mine took 2 hours.)

And.... Voila:

These pictures don't even do them justice. They are seriously sparkly and just beautiful!

I love that I took some old, dead shoes and not only breathed new life into them, but that they have been reincarnated to be BETTER than before.  I can't wait to wear them.  I could hardly tear myself away from them to come post this!