Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Following Tradition" Scrapbook Page

This is a page I made last night for our Wedding Album. It's not what I had in mind when I thought of the idea a couple weeks ago, but then again, most of my ideas get changed around as I go. This was the first time I stamped directly onto the page itself, and it was quite fun, but also made me nervous because you really only get one shot at it when you don't have duplicates of the same page. (Which I never do because I buy them as individual pages, which I really need to stop doing that...but this one came in a collection, so there's only one of it anyway.) Anyway, here is the page from last night:

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cupcake Birthday Card

This is a card I made for my friend Corina, whose birthday is today. The cupcakes are done in VersaMark, though I almost wonder if Black ink would have had the same effect on the black cardstock since when I stamped my "handmade" stamp on it, it looked kind of the same, but oh well. Live and learn...

Anyway, here is the card:
The Picture really doesn't do the card justice for the colors, since it is black card stock,dark (and darker) blue for the sentiment and the purple is richer. But you know, it works to show the card. :)

Mother's Day Cards

I actually made these cards the same time I made these note cards, but as I do not want to show pictures of things before people receive them, I was sitting on them until last week when I sent them out.  But now I know they have been received and appreciated, so I can share them with the world.

The more pink one went to my mom, and the greener one went to my mother in law. :)

-5x7 Card Blanks
-Recollections Yellow Rose Paper
-Silk Flowers
-Ribbon: Celebrate It! 360
-Glitter for rose centers
-Fiskars Holiday Hoopla Stamp Set
-Ink: Rubber Stampede

Thank You Card

About two weeks ago, I received a letter from a friend that had some stickers that she had designed, and I wanted to make a Thank You card, and this is what I came up with. Though not the first card I made from scratch-as in not with card blanks- this was the first "Standard Size" (in terms of paper crafting, meaning 4.25' by 5.5") card I made. (As a side note, the other card I made from scratch will, unfortunately, have to wait to be posted because it is for a birthday in June and I have a policy not to post pictures of things until I know they've been received, so this blog will be somewhat out of order in the time frame of when things were made.)

The Owl is actually stamped in VersaMark, because I had *finally* bought some after being curious about it for quite a while, and once I started playing with it, I really liked the "watermark" look it gives, so just had to use it in a card right away.

Anyway, here is the Thank You Card I made:

 It was a very simple card, and very fast to make. But sometimes, simplicity says it all, and that's kind of what I was going for. I liked how it turned out, but I'm thinking I may draw a tree or something the next time I use this stamp. :)

-Blue Card Stock (which, by the way, the picture does not do justice to. It is more an easter-egg blue or sky blue)
-Decorative paper
-Owl Stamp (I believe it's just Michaels brand, but I'm not sure)
-Alphabet stamps from Studio G
-Purple ink from Rubber Stampede (either Primary or Romance collection, I can't remember)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Easter Cards

Note: This, too, is a "catching up" post. Then, I think I'm current. Well, as current as can be without posting pictures of things before people have received them...

Before Easter, I made some cute little bunny cards. I knew I wanted to find something to use up more of my 5x7 card blanks, but just couldn't think of anything. Then I saw the paper that is used as a background, and knew I was destined to make some bunnies....

Here are the Bunny Cards I made (and then couldn't think who to send them to, but did eventually come up with people that would appreciate them and sent them off):

I liked the idea of making them be the same concept, but each different than the others, if only slightly. What do you think? I think they turned out cute. :)

-5x7 Card Blanks
-Various Colored Card Stock (that the bunnies are sitting on)
- Recollections decorative paper (main background)
-Heart Stamp that had flowers in it (background behind bunnies)
-Fiskars Holiday Hoopla Stamp set
-Ink from Rubber Stampede Primary and Romance collections (I couldn't tell you which is which, and each stamp does not have its own name)
-Bunnies came from Easter napkins that I bought and cut the bunny out of the overall scene.