Sunday, October 13, 2013

Spooky Dance Halloween Card

Oh, my, my. I have been a VERY naughty blogger and have not been keeping up on updates. Well, time to fix that! You'll see a lot of posts in rapid fire as I get caught up. Ready? Here we go! Post 4...

A couple weeks ago Micheal's had a craft storage cart on clearance for $20 (woohoo!) and I snatched it right up. While my craft supplies were mostly organized, they were in storage containers on shelves in our bedroom, it was hard to work on something because I'd always have to get up from what I was doing and go get something or put something away--and always kept saying I'd craft more if I could have the supplies at hand. Anyway, the point of that long tangent was... with it being by the table, I sat down that day, having no ideas or maybe no intent to craft, and within 5 minutes had this cute card:

The skeleton was one singular guy, but I thought it would be fun to make it look like a dance line, so just repeated the image, added the text, distressed it some, and voila! Dance party! :)