Sunday, October 13, 2013

Recycled and Repurposed Desk Storage

Oh, my, my. I have been a VERY naughty blogger and have not been keeping up on updates. Well, time to fix that! You'll see a lot of posts in rapid fire as I get caught up. Ready? Here we go! Post 3...

You ever feel like you have more pens/scissors/insert desk item here than you have places to put them? I have that feeling all the time.

I have seen some inspiration to turn TP rolls into decorative pen holders, which I may do at some point still (I have plenty of them saved), but I needed a more immediate solution.

Alas, recycling comes to the rescue. I re-purposed a can for decorative storage by adding fun themed paper (from my scraps, so it is extra recycled) and voila, instant help for my craft-stuff-everywhere problem. :)

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