Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cupcakes and Crossbones

Oh, my, my. I have been a VERY naughty blogger and have not been keeping up on updates. Well, time to fix that! You'll see a lot of posts in rapid fire as I get caught up. Ready? Here we go! Post 1...

I made this bookmark a while back for myself because I have been catching up on reading and using a receipt, business card, whatever random scrap of paper I had lying around was getting kind of old. I like my bookmark a lot, but think I will probably make a new one soon because when I punched the hole for the ribbon, I accidentally punched too close to the top, and had to do some repair work, then punch again. It's held up for a couple months now, but is starting to get strained. Such a shame, too because it's so cute. Oh well. Here's the bookmark: