Sunday, October 13, 2013

Quack Quack Sleepytime

Oh, my, my. I have been a VERY naughty blogger and have not been keeping up on updates. Well, time to fix that! You'll see a lot of posts in rapid fire as I get caught up. Ready? Here we go! Post 5...
The Husband got me a sewing machine for my birthday in August, as well as a beginning sewing class, so I finally got to learn how to sew like I've always wanted to.  My first project I made was a pair of Oregon Ducks PJs for him. There was some weirdness along the way with making the pieces because of the way the pattern laid and there not being enough fabric to make it work (even though I followed pattern instructions), so I told him we could go back to the original store and see if we could find the same fabric or we could find some similar fabric and he said "meh, let's make it wacky". So we got different fabric for the pockets and actually, we really like how it turned out. Happy accident. I even joked that I should make different pockets my signature. Anyway... here are the PJs: (Please ignore the dishes in the background)

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