Friday, February 5, 2016

Monochrome Hearts and Flowers Thank You Card

When exploring some images in my Cricut's Design Space, I found a cute Thank You overlay with these hearts and flowers on it. Since I have occasion to use Thank You Cards somewhat frequently at work because of a recognition program we have,  and it's good to have them on hand just in case, I went ahead and made one with this image that I liked.

I just used whatever card layer scrap I had in my stash just to test it out, but once I cut it out with the Cricut, I really liked it, and decided to make a card with it right away.

Here's what I came up with:

A monochrome blue card. (The top layer looks white, but it is blue, I promise.) I really like how monochrome color schemes look for certain things, and this is no exception. I really liked it as soon as I made it.  One thing the picture doesn't show very well is that I took a file to the edges of the dark blue base, which gave it a very subtly soft-worn look that I really liked.

I ended up giving this to a coworker just a few days after I made it, and she really liked it.  (I think I am actually getting a reputation for my cards at work, too!)

I am really loving that having my Cricut is making it easy for me to be creative. That was one of my goals for 2016, to be even more creative, and it certainly seems like I am doing that. It's nice to be able to be inspired when I may otherwise not have ideas, but to also have something that is there but builds on my creativity. I love seeing what I come up with for it. :)

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