Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thank You Cards in a Snap!

A couple months ago, I saw these Cards in an Instant from Me And My Big Ideas (MAMBI) on sale at Craft Warehouse near me, and couldn't resist. Since I like to make cards, and wanted to make thank you cards, so I knew I would make use of them.

Here are the MAMBI cards themselves:

A fairly good selection-36 cards, of 6 different types. The multi-colored, Multi-Language one reminds me of one I designed and created myself (including looking up all the languages) early this year (maybe February?) that I realize now I never shared. But it just goes to prove that good ideas aren't always truly original ideas. That's OK. I still love the one I designed. (I will share that one in another post.) are the cards I have made so far with these:

 This one is much shinier than the picture lets on since the sentiment is on Foil Paper.

I just made this one tonight for a coworker and will give it to them tomorrow.  As you may know from looking at some of my cards (or almost all of these just in this post, haha), I really like distressed look for things. For this one, I layered it, but felt it needed....something. So I ripped the green card base but it still needed something, so I ripped the pink as well. Getting closer...Once I inked the edges, I knew this was the way it was always intended to be. Perfectly imperfect. :) The photo doesn't do the colors justice, though.

I love that with these, it makes the creative process easy. I can whip up a card using my materials in just a few minutes, but they still look professionally done (or so I am told) and they are still MY creativity shining through.  I love that you could give the same sentiment to two different crafters, and they'd come up with two different cards. I think I will be exploring more options like this in the future. I love that these are hand made in a snap. :)

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