Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ground Control to Major Shaun

I recently made a second pair of Pajamas for the hubby, this time in a space themed fabric he picked out. (The first pair, which was my first-ever sewing project, can be found here.)

On one of my (just about weekly) trips to Joann Fabrics to wander around, Shaun was with me and saw this space themed fabric and loved it. I asked if he wanted more PJs from it, and he over-eagerly said he did. After seeing that Pluto was included,  (Sorry, Mr. Degrasse Tyson, Pluto IS a planet. ;)) I willingly agreed and we got the fabric.

It was about a week  before I got started on them, but had them finished within just a couple days. Much faster than the first time they were made, but that's the advantage of continually practicing and making more projects: Things start to make sense. :)

Here are his spacey pjs:

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