Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cards, Cards Galore!

I recently shared the birthday card I made for my friend Susan's birthday in October,  and had realized that I have been particularly bad at sharing all my projects this year. So I figured I would share all the cards that were made this year (and one from last year,I think) that may or may not have been shared yet, up to that card.

So buckle up, it's a long(er) ride! :)

A Chicken card I made for Shaun's mom's birthday last year.

Inside of Chicken Card.

Valentine's card for Hubby, with the envelope I made for it as well.

Inside of it. Realized I forgot to take pictures before writing the happy (stamp only said V-day)

St. Patrick's day card made with a Leprechaun I asked Shaun to draw for me. So, combining our talents. :)

Easter card. of course. Bunny drawn by Shaun, modeled after one of our stuffed animals, Sunny Bunny.

Birthday card for our friend Corina, whose birthday was in May. Another multi-layered Purple...

Close up of embelishment

With the envelope I made.

 We think Shaun's dad may never have received the Father's Day card I made in 2013, so I essentially remade it, but slightly different.

Birthday card for my sister Heather, whose birthday was in June. Yep, more purple. Lots of people I know like purple, it seems.
 I really wanted to use the anchor stamp I had bought a few weeks prior just to be able to use it for something, and this idea for a Bon Voyage card came into my head and I started working on it. I love this card so much! I didn't even have a reason to make it, but once I did, I gave it to our friends who, conveniently, were leaving on a cruise soon.
 This card came about because our Director at work is expecting soon and we threw her a surprise Baby Shower with a Nautical theme. So I volunteered to make a card because I already had the perfect things for it! Obviously, it is pretty much the same card as the Bon Voyage card above, but it is a bigger card (a bit over 5x7 so that everyone could sign it) and I added a few different touches.  It was a big hit! Our Director told me she plans on framing it in the baby room! You don't get much higher a compliment than that.
Inside of Baby Shower card.

 Our department's Morale Team did a whole production for a week for Customer Service Week, and I really wanted to thank them for all their hard work.So I made this card, and had everyone on our team sign it before I gave it to them. Bonus: it let me use my brand new silver embossing powder. :)

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