Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Father's Day Card

Since the person that this is for (Shaun's Dad) does not have a computer or internet access, I can freely post this before hand and not worry that the surprise will be ruined. So here is the Father's Day card I made the other day.

This was such a spontaneous card. I knew I wanted to make a card, and it would have beer on  it which Shaun and I shopped for together, but beyond that, I had no idea. The weekend we bought the beer embellishments, I stamped the stars on the piece of paper out of boredom and said to Shaun: "Well, I still have no inspiration on what I will do your dad, but this was fun." So I put it away in my "scraps" area and let it be.

Then randomly later in the week, I had a great inspiration of stripes! with the stars but still had no idea what colors I would do them in or anything. So I just sat down on Sunday with the idea in my head and let my hands do whatever they were going to do. And this is what I came up with: (Click for larger image)
Shaun said this is his favorite card I've ever made so far.

This also gives me some great inspiration for July 4th Cards....

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