Sunday, April 21, 2013

What it's all about!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my Crafty Blog! 

About Me:
My name is Erin (which is obvious to some and new info to others), and I am into all sorts of crafty things. I like to bake (though haven't been able to in ages due to a lack of space in current apartment), scrapbook and am starting to get into card making and things like that. I also like to crochet and hopefully someday will learn how to sew. I decided a couple of weeks ago that since I have pictures of things I am working on spread out over my Flickr account and my Facebook page, that maybe it would be good to have a place to store all my thoughts and ideas, etc in one place. That's where this comes in.

About Mrs. Crafty Goodtime:
This blog will contain, as suggested above, pictures of any kind of craft I am making/have made such as things I've baked, Paper Crafting, Crocheting...basically any crafty thing I decide to do. Hopefully you will enjoy seeing my crafts as much as I enjoy making them. :)

Where did the name come from, you ask? Well, that actually came about last weekend. I knew I was going to create a blog, but just could not think of a name, and neither could my husband, Shaun. Last week, as we were running errands, I kind of was like "let's hurry up, I want to have some crafty good time today", and Shaun said "that's cute-that could be a cute name"..... and so, Mrs. Crafty Goodtime was born.

Well, I think that about covers the basics. Thanks for checking in, and please come back soon! :)

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