Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tough Tutus!

This past weekend I made a no-sew tutu.  I don't know what made me want a tutu, other than they're very fun, but I had seen a tutorial for a no-sew tutu and decided to go for it. In almost all of the tutorials you'll find, they say to take elastic and tie the tulle around it, and voila, tutu.

Well... This is true, to a small degree.

I did that, and it was an unstable ball of mess. The knots didn't want to stay in place, the elastic twisted, and it became a tangled blob of tulle. I don't recommend this. Here's what THAT looks like, in case you need a visual:

Not Pretty. 

So I decided to head back to Joann and see if inspiration struck to make it better. And it did. I found some stretchy ribbon-esque material that was like lace in that it had defined holes in it. Others may have thought of this as well, but I didn't see anything in any of the (dozens of) tutorials I saw-they were all just tie-tulle-around-elastic ones. But this worked out well because it gave the tutu a defined top of the waistband, and also gave it  a decorative touch.

Here's what my Tutu looks like as of now. I may end up adding more tulle to it to make it more fluffy, though.

As always, click the pictures for larger images.

My pretty ribbon accents. 

Since it's so easy, and tutus are so fun, I think I will make a bunch more for other things! :)

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